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Miracle Morning Practices 

Yoga Asana, Vinyasa Krama, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga,

Somatic Stretching, Conscious Breathing, Meditations and Visualisations, Yoga Nidra, Music Therapy, Mindfulness Retreats, EFT, Ho'Oponopono

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“Yoga is a strengthening in rest. It's freedom in routine. It is confidence through self-control. Energy inside and out. "

Ymber Delecto

Whether you are a complete beginner or want to increase your routine, JU Wellness Coaching will provide you with body, mind and spirit activities. 

Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga Block

Here you will find all Miracle Practices, including Vinyasa Krama, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Somatic Stretching, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga with Power, Music therapy, working with emotions and many other methods. In accordance with your needs, you will be able to regenerate your mind and body to live with an open heart full of energy and courage for a better day tomorrow!

All programs will alleviate the negative effects of stress - anxiety, poor sleep, tension. The whole experience will transform the energy into positive, instead of exposing the body to diseases and injuries.


Drop in here to stretch, relax, exercise after a run, or start your day mindfully anywhere, anytime.

Bare Feet

All practices are in accordance of Ahimsa, or no-harming. Everything you do for yourself today is reflected in your world tomorrow, so we work carefully without harming your body or mind. We do encourage to listen to yourselves and your intuition. 


The Ju Wellness Coaching is run by Justyna, yoga and somatic stretch teacher, EFT and Ho'oponopono practitioner. Her personal practice is strongly influenced by mindfulness, balance and energy flow. She believes that weaving these elements in asana and meditation opens the heart and encourages a life of joy.

Ju Yoga provides a safe space for all students. Never feel compelled to do any pose that does not meet your personal awareness, skill or level of fitness. Always listen to your body. See you on the mat!

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Huge part of the Ju Wellness coaching is work for Moc Kobiet. Moc Women's UK is a project for women created by Ewa Rogos-Chuchro and Justyna Majewska in the UK. The Power of Women deals with trips, retreats and development workshops in Scotland, England, Poland and other places around the world. The purpose of the project is to accompany Women on their journey of femininity, business, passion and emotions.


“The breath is the essence of yoga because it is the essence of life. And yoga is about life. "

T. Krishnamacharya

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